Believers Foundation School (BFS)

Believers' Foundation School (BFS)

About BFS

We believe that adequate knowledge on God’s Word builds faith and teaches every Christian how to live the victorious and triumphant life to which we are all called. The Believer’s Foundation School (BFS) program was formed for this reason. In this program, we teach on the basic truths and principles of Christianity. Every Christian gets an in-depth understanding of what God has made us in Christ Jesus and learns to impact their world with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. The program which has been running since the ministry begun [15 years ago], runs for four months for every intake. Classes are held in all our ministry auditoriums on Sundays an hour before the main service. A certificate of completion is given to every student that successfully goes through the class.

What We Teach

At the BFS, students learn the following;
  • The Basic Principles of Bible Interpretation. 
  • The Reason for Man’s Creation. 
  • The New Creation.
  • The Holy Spirit and Baptism. 
  • Righteousness.
  • Kingdom Finance.
  • Principles for Christian Growth.

Who Qualifies to Enroll and Why Care?

Any person [irrespective of how long they have been born again or their age] is qualified to enroll for the classes.

The BFS program is designed to give you a firm doctrinal foundation in your Christian faith. All your questions and doubts about the Christian Faith are dissolved. Moreover, the program gives you a personal experience with the Word of God, the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

Every student that successfully completes the program will not only be steadfast in faith [not being tossed to-and-fro by every wind of doctrine as in Ephesians 4:14]; but equipped with principles that they can apply in their day to day Christian walk and live the successful life that God desires for every Christian.