Cells Ministry

Just as a cell is the functional unit of the body, a ‘cell’ is the functional unit of the church. Members of the church are divided in groups of twenty in their respective areas of locality. These groups[cells] are mandated to evangelize and disciple men within their areas of locality.

What we do

We deliver the good news to our spheres of contact, making sure that we teach many the Word of God, bringing them into the maturity of the faith. We believe that indeed the word of God is the solution to every problem in our world today, and we are therefore ambassadors of Christ in our world.


Global Light cell ministry annual events: The Super Sunday and the Cell Leaders’ Conference. The Super Sunday is a program is a “Cell Group Sunday” where the cell leaders are encouraged to come with their Cell Members to Church. The Cell Leader’s Conference is a training program that is set to train the leaders of Cell Leaders to equip them and model them into effective leaders as well as effective ministers of the gospel in their worlds.

How to Join

If you would like to join us, please provide your details here, we will allocate you to a cell group near where you are.

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