My GLM story is a rather interesting one. I first attended Global Light Ministry sometime last year for the line upon line Wednesday service. My friends had been persistently persuading me to go with them and I finally gave in to their request. They had even offered to pay the cab fare for me so that I would not have any excuse for not attending church service that Wednesday.

During the service as Pastor Judah preached the word of God, I could see the excitement of the members. The Word was made alive. It’s like nothing I had experienced before. I was curious. I had been a born again Christian for many years before then, and I had never seen the word preached like that again. I was accustomed to suffering and there was not much difference between myself and a non-believer. We experienced the same challenges and achieved the same results. In fact, I would say that I was in a worse situation because I blamed God for all my misfortunes. After all, we were erroneously taught that all things that happen (good and bad) are in the will of God, that nothing happens outside His will.

Having lost my sister just a few years ago, my heart had grown cold. I had come to believe that God had allowed the death of my only sister. I was bitter and very angry. I had thrown my fist at God severally and finally came to the conclusion that all things were working for my good. [Romans 8:28.]

I had the wrong interpretation of scripture. And this made me disinterested in the word of God. I mean, why would I be excited about reading about a God who showed His love for me by inflicting pain on me? So when we engaged with my friends from GLM through various sessions of Bible study, I began to understand the word of God for what it is-a truly unforgettable experience. They were patient with me. I must admit that I was quite stubborn. You see, teaching an old dog new tricks can be quite a hustle. Grace is the only way that I can describe my journey.

Pastor Judah keeps saying that when God wants to shift you to a new phase of your life, He does not give you more money, a new job or a new promotion. He introduces His word into you. In my case, I started understanding God’s word through these great men of GLM. When you listen to them, Oh my! They are well taught by their Pastor. They are God’s generals of this day and age; with zeal for winning souls and changing lives through the Word of God. Through them, the sick are healed, lives are transformed, addictions are broken. When you interact with children of God, who know their place in the kingdom, your life can never be the same again.

The word of God is everything you need to succeed in life. I love how Pastor Judah encourages us by saying, “Show me a man who sticks to The Word of God, who is consistent in the Word, and I will show you a man who is going places. There are no limitations for such a man. Glory to God!”

Never in my life have I been so excited about The Word of God. My faith has grown tremendously. I am now sure that my life is upward and forward only. I now understand that God loves me, that He is good and His goodness is complete and that He does not use evil to teach me obedience. I am forever grateful for unraveling the truth of The Word of God over my life. It has built me up in untold faith. Glory to God.

My name is Ann Karimi and #IamGLM.

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