I got born again many times in my life, I can barely trace the first time I accepted Christ, but I received Christ in understanding in 2009 in my Fourth year of High School. Being brought up in a Christian home, God was not alien to me, the church was a place I grew up in and I thank God for that. I started serving God early in life even with my little understanding. My daily prayer was that the word would come alive to me and that I would encounter God in a lasting way. Having attended so many meetings where the Spirit of God seemed to “Come down”, I enjoyed every moment of it, I never wanted to leave any such place but it always seemed to end immediately I walked out the door.

I longed to hear God speak to me. I had heard of testimonies of people who God seemed to speak to quite often, some would hear loud voices that would make them tremble while others would be visited by angels. Although I really desired to hear God I was terrified of these experiences, I could not imagine seeing an angel, I thought I would pass out.
Living this religious life where I went to church because I had to, I had long drowned all desires to grow spiritually in any way. As I finished secondary school, I came to a world I could not understand, a world I was told to fear and not associate with but had to. I was a lone girl, with a lot of fears and insecurities in life. I took comfort in people who I thought would be there forever for me, but most of them never stuck on.

My turn in life came when I was in Strathmore University; I used to attend a fellowship of believers every so often. I felt at home because I had people that were Christians, they were not supposed to leave me, I mean that was the whole point of Christianity to me, that we would be there for each other. On a certain occasion one of my friends came to share in the fellowship, he spoke of how in Christ you did not have to work for your righteousness, it was by faith. Though he faced a lot of persecution my spirit was drawn to his words. I thought to myself, this man spoke something that I felt in me was true, I had tried living a righteous life but at every mistake “my righteousness” seemed to be “lost”.

One glorious Saturday this young man invited me for an event in Global Light dubbed “NATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE”. I followed him with a few friends to the church where in a space of just two days all my religious views were questioned. The man of God spoke with such clarity and audacity anyone had to listen. I saw the glory that these men carried; almost all of them were young people. The people who were introduced as pastors amazed me, how could God be using such young people. All the pastors I knew where advanced in age. I sat through the teachings taking in all that was said by the speakers. The congregation was a wonder; they finished all the scriptures the Pastor quoted, “how could people cram the bible like this?” I thought to myself.  I made a decision to stick longer and get what this people were getting.
On the following day something glorious happened, I had really struggled receiving from the Holy Spirit, at some previous meetings the ministers would minister to us but I never seemed to have the experience others seemed to have.

Receiving the Holy Spirit had been a struggle. The explanation was always that we were resisting the move of God or that we should “repent and cleanse ourselves.” This Sunday morning I was allocated a place to sit and as the saints started praying in the spirit lifting up their hands, I followed suit and lo and behold I started praying in tongues too. No one insisted, no hands were laid on me! I had long received the Holy Spirit but all this while I did not know. I shed tears of joy thanking God; it was so automatic like I was born with it.

My life since this meeting changed, I learnt that God always spoke to me, that He lived in me, the Spirit of God didn’t need to come down, He was already here and in me, it was not about feeling him for we live by faith and not by sensory perception.  I celebrated the word of God together with the saints; each day was a new day to grow in revelation of the word. I would spend hours listening to my Pastor and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on my phone. I learnt of how God loved me, I did not need approval from men to feel better; He said he would never leave me nor forsake me. I never felt more free, my spirit was so alive unto God. I started serving as an usher and a cell leader in campus ministry. A year later I was made a Pastor, what a day it was, the word, the prophecies, I could hardly sleep that night. I started serving as the Teens Pastor from then.
Most importantly I have learnt that I can determine the course of my life, life and death are in the power of my tongue. I can chat my way to success. I set myself up to win, and I never fail, the Holy Ghost, my strategist, advocate, comforter is with me, LIFE is in me, and in this life we don’t fail.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my Man of God, thank you Pastor Sir, for your investment in me. I’m eternally grateful to be under your mentorship and leadership. You have always told me that top most place in life is reserved with my name on it, I run with this word each day of my life. I can only but make you proud Sir, thank you.

I am a Teen’s Pastor at Global Light Ministry.

My name is Faith Muthoka a.k.a. Faith Wealth and #IamGLM

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