My GLM story begins on 31st December 2014, when my elder brother invited me to Global Light Church for Victory Night[kesha]. Having been raised in a Christian home, I had gotten so used to “church stuff” that I did many things “religiously”. They had little or no impact in my life.

I had never seen such a happy gathering of saints in my life as I saw on Victory Night! The praise and Worship was extraordinary and for the first time in my life, I experienced unspeakable joy all through that overnight service. After such a glorious experience, I could not resist my brother’s invitation to attend the following Sunday service at Global Light. Over that Sunday service, I was so transformed by The Word of God that the only church I knew was Global Light.

Prior to attending GLM, I had been having challenges with paying my school fees and my health. Furthermore, I had been a Christian for a long time, yet there were habits that I grappled to grow out of. To my amazement, however, it became easy to overcome them within the first week of attending Global Light Church. After one month of consistently attending church services, I started experiencing healing for my reproductive health condition which I had been having for more than ten years. I am now completely healed. Praise the Lord!! Moreover, School fees ceased to be a challenge to me. You see, I was taught about the power of my words and since then I have learnt to get what I want with my words. Brethren, the Word of God really works!!

I thank God for predestining that I should meet Pastor Judah and the Global Light Family. My  life has been nothing short of Amazing.

My name is Zoe Nyokabi and #IamGLM


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