“Supernatural success,Tycoon,Prof., Zion,Super intelligent,King,Jesusized Immortal…” were some of the most intriguing people’s names that I first heard during my first service in Global Light Ministry. I realised that I had arrived into a ministry that is blessed and at that moment; I decided to get immersed in it, get hooked up to it, just swim and get drowned in it and when I speak, nobody will see me any more but the message. This is where the story began.

Well, I was born in a Christian family, a place that I was showered with love and I had all the time thought that I was born “born again” (haha). This was until I got to the age of accountability and I learnt that I had to believe and confess the Lordship of Jesus as a person, which I did.

I had been in the C.U in high school, full of zeal and enthusiasm for God, but I was not enlightened with the unalloyed revelation knowledge of the gospel. I then went to campus and during my first week there, I was introduced to a young man who requested for my laptop and filled my storage with podcasts and messages by the man of God, Pastor Chris. Praise the Lord that I agreed! Most of the time, I had no movie to watch, so I’d listen to these messages when ‘bored’. With time, I started developing interest in what Pastor Chris was teaching. After a while, that’s all I’d listen to.

Sometime in 2015, a friend from high school added me to a number of GLM whatsapp platforms (one of them being LOVE REPUBLIC) and I’d follow the conversations silently. I noticed that the group members’ discourse was similar to what I would hear from the messages that I had been passionately listening to. I had so identified with what they boldly proclaimed that I wanted to meet them in person. That’s when I asked for the directions of where the church is located from the groups and I visited. Since then I have never left.

I now had a spiritual father, a pastor, a mentor, a life coach, a shepherd and  bishop of my soul; my man of God, Pastor Judah Kalinga.

At the end of each and every service, Pastor would (and still does) speak powerful words, “I bless you with God’s wisdom and with revelation. There is no danger for you, no crisis for you. Numerous opportunities are opening up for you and your eyes are anointed to see them…” I took a hold of those words(and I still do) each and every time and made them mine. I use them to wage war, to fight the good fight of faith.

This marked the end of timidity and the beginning of my boldness and courage as I pursued a Mechatronic Engineering degree in school. With these words, I supernaturally seized an opportunity to have an interview on air(KTN) last year regarding my course. These opportunities come knocking at my door, others literally beckoning. They are rare to others but normal to me because of the treasure of the Word that’s in me.

As a student, I have become quick of mind with divine sagacity. I have an extraordinary amplitude of comprehension having my mind upgraded by the Word. I am super intelligent! I now think differently; excellent thoughts and ideas; thoughts set apart for kings. I can actively put my mind to work and generate unfathomable ideas, an ability that has developed from hearing the gospel. Whenever I present an idea, it sells. I have learned that at each and every level in your life, you can measure your success. For me, it’s been progress heaped upon progress. Upward and forward only. What a life!

Distinguished young and vibrant souls, life can be beautiful characterized not by ‘up and downs’ or what others call  a few failures and a few successes but constant victories. God is more committed to your success than you would ever be.There is a place for you in the word, locate it and be there! It’s a place for you at the top.

I welcome you to Global Light Ministry. The infallible Word of God is what is dispensed in our services. It’s the God kind of life. Each and every Wednesday (6.00-7.30pm) and Sunday (10.00-12.30pm) at Baricho Business Center on Hombe Road,off Baricho Road, Welcome! It is always a date with destiny.

I serve in the Zoe Worship team, Campus Connect team leader in Love Republic, and I’m also part of the Outreach department.

My name is Pastor Lizz Mwangi and I_AM_GLM #GLMNation #TestimonyTuesday


  • erick lwangu
    Posted February 27, 2018 4:49 pm 1Likes

    i am encouraged to be more closer to God and serve him wholeheartedly

  • Atieno Ooko
    Posted February 27, 2018 7:34 pm 0Likes

    Glory…. awesome testimony
    The words does Work.Halleluyah

  • Pastor Judah Kalinga
    Posted February 27, 2018 7:46 pm 1Likes

    This s truly the work of the holy ghost , iam proud of you precious Eng. liz

  • Patricia
    Posted February 27, 2018 9:22 pm 0Likes

    This is really encouraging and interesting.
    The Word works

  • mike
    Posted March 12, 2018 10:07 am 0Likes

    This is glorious. I am bless and psyched for the Gospel.
    What a life!!!

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