Pastor Judah Kalinga is the president and founder of Global Light Ministry.

He is an economist by profession and a well-schooled theologian. He is also an alumnus of the Haggai Institute of leadership (USA) and the International School of Ministry (ISM)-South Africa under the leadership of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD.

Pastor Judah is a committed and dedicated teacher of the Word, enlightening the whole body of believers on the glorious life they have in Christ. Among the events he has pioneered are Springs of Life Kenya, Night of Bliss Kenya, Day of Bliss Kenya which are effective evangelistic programs that reach out to thousands of people in Kenya. The impact of the power of the gospel through his ministry has been phenomenal, bringing about great change both spiritually and socially to the young generation in the country and beyond.

Pastor Judah ministers weekly to millions through a popular TV program, ‘THIS GOSPEL’, whose reach spans 3 countries – Kenya, and parts of Uganda and Tanzania. ‘THIS GOSPEL’ also airs twice weekly in two radio stations reaching millions in Kenya. The ministry also reaches millions all over the world via the internet.

His passion is for young elites and professionals, to nurture them into maturity, making them giants of faith in the Word and in the world. He is inspired by great men of God, Kenneth E. Hagin, Fredrick K.C. Price, E. W. Kenyon and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – PHD among many others.

He is closely mentored by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD who is the founder and President of Believer’s Love World, also known as Christ Embassy and author of Rhapsody of Realities devotional among many other renowned books, who has changed lives tremendously with the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. Consequently, Global Light Ministries participates in Christ Embassy’s Programs such as Communion service, International School of Ministry, International Partners and Pastor’s Conference among many others. It also partners with Christ Embassy in extending the reach of Rhapsody of Realities all over Kenya and in other parts of the world.