New Every Morning!

It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not (Lamentations 3:22)

One popular hymn says of the good news that ‘tis old yet ever new’. That statement accurately captures the good news as well as its author and his characteristics. The story of God’s love is as old as creation itself, and through diverse generations He has expressed this love to mankind in diverse ways. And the amazing thing is, though this love is older than history itself, it is every day as fresh as breaking news. God renews his love for us every day; he makes it new every day. Our God is the God of renewal. He is from of old, but at the same time, He is current.

He is the same yesterday today and forever, but at the same time he is new every day. And as He is, so are His traits. His love is fresh every day. His grace is available at our every hour of need, every day. And as our key scripture above goes on to say in verse 23

His mercies are new every morning. He does not use yesterday’s mercy today; he provides fresh mercies for today. When God fed the children of Israel with manna in the desert, he told them to collect just enough for the day. Many of them behaved like mere men, taking for today and tomorrow, and they would find the food stale and of no use. God supplied fresh manna for the day. He was sending the message that he is old yet ever new; new every morning.

That God’s mercies are new every morning should tell us that there is something fresh for us from the Lord every day. He is the God of today. He is looking for what He can benefit you with today; how he can show his goodness to you today; how he can manifest himself through you today. He is looking for how to bring you from your yesterday and into a today that is glorious. 

Never use your yesterday to determine how today will be. Every morning, you have an opportunity to receive fresh mercy from the Lord. Every day, you have the opportunity to be everything that you could have become yesterday, and more. Every day, you can draw from the Lord exactly what you need for that day: all the grace, all the love, all the mercy, all the favour, all the strength, everything. Everything that you think you need for today, God says he has a fresh supply available for you today. 

Draw from the wealth of His supply and make your life new every day, for his mercies are new every morning.

God bless you!!

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